• Recently: “NH & Vermont Landlords beware **Tom Davis**

    Man made us crazy….first started with stories…everything was someone else’s fault. Finally after 4 months of listeing we began eviction process. He claimed everything from he was “disabled” and therefore we were breaking the law to evict, so threatening us with things he “knew” because…[Read more]

  • Previous post; “NH, Vermont & New York beware….Heather & Tim Moselle”

    These guys majorly got me. They led me on for 4 months that they were getting a tax ruturn, or unemployment, or something else. I should have known when they wanted to move so quickly that something was wrong. Ultimately, they got evicted owing me over $6000.00. Left the…[Read more]

  • Posted rencently “Ruixin Mao and Chung Ki Yiu bad tenants”

    Ruixin Mao and Chung Ki Yiu bad tenants —not paying rent on time. From moving in and evicted out.

    Order eviction , they owe rent and damage property. dangerous renters. be careful everybody

    Ruixin Mao(593-95-0372) and Chung Ki Yiu ( 362-45-8774) bad tenants

    they lose the court
    we…[Read more]

  • Previously posted: “Tucson, Arizona – Bad Tenants: Kayla Crofoot, Brandon Porcelluzzi, Jacob Hoffman et al”

    Four young tenants; worst tenants at my house in 20 years of renting, in fact i fired my property manager and am now handling the property myself from a distance. I received multiple neighborhood and H.O.A. complaints for disrespecting…[Read more]

  • Posted recently “To YI (Steven) Yeung, a very irresponsible landlord”

    My husband and I have rented a house from To Yi (Steven) Yeung back in Jan. 2011 when we just moved in California at 245 hazen St., Milpitas, CA. The 3-Bd-and-1Ba house looked nice with hardwood floor. Soon we found out that the house has no heating system, and my lovely…[Read more]

  • Recently posted: “Tucson, AZ- Warning about Landlord Richard Davis”

    This landlord was very unorganized and irresponsible. He doesn’t live in the state and had his other tenant do our walkthough when left the property. There was a lot of he said, she said, that happened though out our whole lease. He didn’t even know who was on lease. One tenant…[Read more]

    • We received the following response from the landlord Richard Davis:

      This post is retaliatory and false. I am happy to supply references from satisfied tenants that have rented from me for years. I am also happy to provide more information on Kayla Crofoot’s (Tucson , Az.) tenancy.

      Everything that was requested was fixed within a couple of days…[Read more]

  • Recently written “Do not rent to brian summers & stephanie williamson of phoenix, az.”

    Run as soon as you hear these 2 names. Brian summers & stephanie williamson or kari, not sure what one is her real name. They will completely trash the rental they are leasing. These 2 move around all the time, I would estimate they move every 3 months. They…[Read more]

  • Posted recently “BAD TENANT ALERT! Hampton/Newport News, Virginia”

    Anthony Gill or Toni Gill Is A Professional Con-artist.

    He is notorious for moving into apartments, paying deposit and first months rent and then never paying another nickle and basically squatting in your property for as long as he can drag it out and the law will allow. His…[Read more]

  • Posted recently: ”do not rent from edward herern 313 dorsetshire dr. steger il 60475”

    rent from this man and he will always be around ,asking for money. this house has a leak that leaves moldy water in the heating vents. 3 family memers sick, 4 months after we left my mom is still sick,do not rent this house.

  • Posted recently “221 South New Jersey Ave Lake Hopatcong NJ **WARNING**”

    This is a warning to all who may be considering renting the property located at 221 S. New Jersey Avenue, Lake Hopatcong, NJ


    When we moved in a year ago we were taken by the…[Read more]

  • Posted recently by Brian:
    Brian (aka Barry) & Julie Bush, Milwaukee WI: illegally withheld money from a security deposit for “cleaning” and “toilet repair” after Mr. Bush walked through with previous renter and stated that “everything looks good.” Landlords reported that toilet was “inoperable” which was a lie. Toilet was fully functioning when…[Read more]

  • Posted recently by James: Nancy Eash, a tenant who is around 50 yrs of age, rented my rental property. There is 3 members who are renting, her brother David, & another individual, call to be Nancy Eash boyfriend by the name of Bob Mcdonald. Beware of these individuals…. my property which is located in Tucson Estates over 55 community was…[Read more]

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  • Watch my posts as I add some of our best Tenant Dispute posts from the old site to the new.

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  • Does anyone have any legal advice for what process a person needs to go through to legally remove a tenant who is 6 months in arrears?

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