With the surge of 2nd home and investment property purchased in the last couple years during the real estate boom, many new investors are becoming landlords whether they like it or not. Having to hold on to a property since flipping has becoming a thing of the past, filling your precious “money-maker” property to hold long term has become a life-saving option for these people.

However, there has also been a surge of evictions, bounced checks, bad landlords, etc. and good people becoming victimized because of their experience.

We hope that you will utilize this website to either learn from others’ mistakes or to post yours to help other not fall into the same problems.

With the housing market being very unstable and investors just barely staying afloat with their first, second or third homes, we hope this will help prevent an further fall out of foreclosers and keep honest people informed.

We appreciate your stories and the time it takes to enter this information. Good luck and we hope this website helps you.

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