• Recent: “Maureen Deragon BELLEVILLE ONTARIO CANADA”

    I have been her tenant for the last 16 months. 11 months ago I moved into a second rental unit of hers, a house for myself and my four children. The rent was very reasonable and the house appeared to be in great condition. First night in, the end of Jan, the furnace broke down. Right from…[Read more]

  • Recent post: “Petros Investments LLC are scammers, liars, and an all around bad property management company”

    harass tennants,accuse tennants of crimes that were never committed in order to obtain an illegal eviction. they lie in court when evicting a tennant to secure an eviction that would otherwise be thrown out.

    Petros Investments LLC are…[Read more]

  • Recent: “Deadbeat David and Stephanie Jackson”

    If you rent from these people, do not expect the house you rent to be fixed, nor should you expect your deposit back!

    They have cheated us out of almost $6000.

    We rented property from David and Stephanie Jackson at Wald Str 21, Katzenbach, 66882 (Germany) from 1 April 2009 to 31 December 2011.…[Read more]

  • Recently posted: “Virginia Beach Slumlords: Virginia and Dan Crate”

    My brother and his family rented 545 Seeman Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 from Virginia and Dan Crate for 5+ years. My brother had serious desire to buy the home, but after much consideration, he chose a home closer to where his work will soon relocate to. What strengthened my…[Read more]

  • Recent: “Bad landlord behavior”

    Ante Fantov a owner of a building that resides 8 units of hispanics. The actual address is 572 W. 16th St., San Pedro Ca 90731. Ante likes to push his own tenant around thinking “they are Mexican so that they don’t know their legal right”. So therefore, he verbally push them around, and evantually push them out…[Read more]

  • Recent post “Alan and Donna Bernardi”

    I rented this place in September, since then things have gone bad. The day I went to see this place, they had me sign the lease and pay a security deposit plus the amount for 3 days before my lease officially started. Then, my downstairs neighbors started to complain for noise and the floor squeaking. The…[Read more]

  • Recent post “Edward Ruddell, Acworth, Georgia”

    Beware if you decide to rent from this guy. He is in his 40’s. He has a dad with the same name who lives in Kennesaw. He will promise you the moon to get you to rent from him but then you will have serious problems getting anything fixed. I rented from him for a while. When I moved in the…[Read more]

  • Recent: “Bad landlord Kulwant Kaur 17734 145th ave jamaica ny 11434″

    hi my name is winter flowers
    my landlord name is Kulwant Kaur
    this guy doesnt fix any thing, but he’s always early to collect rent.
    i moved in his apartment last year jan 2 2011, when i moved in i notice three windows was broken, two light sockets was dangeling, outlets was…[Read more]

  • Recently posted: “BAD LANDLORD “ MRS. NGUYEN” living in MILPITAS CALIFORNIA”

    not following the contract.. dont want to give full security deposit with out good reasons!!

    before we rented the room thats available in her house we signed a contract with her that she will give my $500 security deposit when were going to moved out and we have to…[Read more]

  • Posted recently “To YI (Steven) Yeung, a very irresponsible landlord”

    My husband and I have rented a house from To Yi (Steven) Yeung back in Jan. 2011 when we just moved in California at 245 hazen St., Milpitas, CA. The 3-Bd-and-1Ba house looked nice with hardwood floor. Soon we found out that the house has no heating system, and my lovely…[Read more]

  • Recently posted: “Tucson, AZ- Warning about Landlord Richard Davis”

    This landlord was very unorganized and irresponsible. He doesn’t live in the state and had his other tenant do our walkthough when left the property. There was a lot of he said, she said, that happened though out our whole lease. He didn’t even know who was on lease. One tenant…[Read more]

    • We received the following response from the landlord Richard Davis:

      This post is retaliatory and false. I am happy to supply references from satisfied tenants that have rented from me for years. I am also happy to provide more information on Kayla Crofoot’s (Tucson , Az.) tenancy.

      Everything that was requested was fixed within a couple of days…[Read more]

  • Posted recently: ”do not rent from edward herern 313 dorsetshire dr. steger il 60475”

    rent from this man and he will always be around ,asking for money. this house has a leak that leaves moldy water in the heating vents. 3 family memers sick, 4 months after we left my mom is still sick,do not rent this house.

  • Posted recently “221 South New Jersey Ave Lake Hopatcong NJ **WARNING**”

    This is a warning to all who may be considering renting the property located at 221 S. New Jersey Avenue, Lake Hopatcong, NJ


    When we moved in a year ago we were taken by the…[Read more]

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    This is a great website. I look forward to everyone sharing their experiences to help others from suffering under a bad landlord.