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    Greetings fellow Landlords,
    I strongly encourage anyone to think twice about renting to a tenant named John Sobocinski, based in the Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania area.


    • Three months of unpaid rent, exceeding $3,200
    • Habitual late rental payments. Payments have been late for 45 out of 50 months that he was in possession of the…[Read more]

  • Harold Knudsen posted an update in the group Group logo of Problems with TenantsProblems with Tenants 2 years ago

    I rented a house to Janet A. Dauth in Tracy, CA. It was a one year lease, and she stopped paying rent, owes two months rent, and also violated the lease in several sections. Unauthorized pet, unauthorized subletting, left the place dirty and some damage. She was a no-show in court and has not paid the judgement. He last four of her SSN is 5425.…[Read more]

  • aaron brown posted an update in the group Group logo of Problems with TenantsProblems with Tenants 2 years ago

    Midland, TX. i am responsible for an 8 acre property with a house, a large hay barn and 24 horse pens. i leased the property to Jerry and Misti Broughton. He works in the oil fields and his income supported the lease payment. They told me that they have 10 horses, 25 goats, 2 dogs and some chickens. They planned to put the goats in one of…[Read more]

  • aaron brown posted an update in the group Group logo of Problems with TenantsProblems with Tenants 2 years ago

    San Diego, CA. i rented a room in a house to a senior man named Peter Baron. He had a job, a car and a female friend. He lost his job, his friend and then had to sell his car as his reduced income would not support it. He found another friend. I had to ask her to not come to the house, as the two of them shouted and fought daily. She went to…[Read more]

  • Newyork city worse tenants also is Latoya Anderson she left owing 12 months rents, because she move out n move in her mother n it takes us so long to get them out.

  • By the way we live in New York City
    Brooklyn ny

  • Now in 2017 we have these tenants Orville munroe and Jackey Cleveland they are the worse they don’t put out the garbage, we have to do that for them, it is a private house not a building. They are disrespectful, and rude. They very loud, play loud music all hours of the day n night. They brought in their families to live with them without letting…[Read more]

  • I have a tenants in 2015 by the name of Tafari golden, Daniel golden his mother and his girlfriend Alisha Martin they were a night mare. Thy were the devil. They went to court and stated we lock them out of the apt when we did not. They move out and give us back the key and what save us in court was our cameras n we had a good lawyer to make a…[Read more]

  • name of bad tenet is Robert Catley from north shore Hawaii Kauai this person is very bad. late on rent , not paid, had to kick out. ruined the place, took light fixtures , broke light switch , left car batteries , toilet clogged up . tile gone. 3 paces, and never mowed lawn. just a real ass hole do not rent to this person , if you don’t…[Read more]

    • *Beware of 4655 Kanaele Rd, Kapaa HI*
      Do not rent from Sandy or Debra until they refresh their knowledge in Landlord-Tenant Laws.
      I cannot speak for this person who you have shamelessly written of [sad], I can speak from my experience. But knowing you these accusations are probably all false like your false sense of quality.
      Sandy is the type of…[Read more]

    • My wife and I work very early morning jobs which puts us out the house before or by 5am. Sandy decided to burn rubber in his garage while his wife and himself yelled at each other until they took off.
      And unfortunately for us, we were attached to the house that they reside in and right below so you could always hear them fight.

    • Also, funny he should talk about mowing the lawn. The landscaping of the whole property isn’t pristine.
      As you drive up the driveway you’re greeted with over flowing weeds and tall grass. Then a miniature dump sight where his boats and odds and ends of furniture and trash sit in piles where it seems his other tenants who don’t have a garage…[Read more]

    • Hate to stoop to your level and even reply to all this BS but when I stumbled on this posting I couldn’t help to feel for this person who probably doesn’t even know you wrote of him [yet] knowing WHO YOU ARE. Shame on you. You’re a deceitful liar. Any tenants that rented from SANDY MARAVEN should shar your stories of what really happens on your…[Read more]

    • Do not rent from Sandy Maraven unless you like his large dogs pissing on everything you own as he walks by joint in mouth with no care in the world

    • If those aren’t great reasons enough then Do not rent from Sandy Maraven ”just a real ass hole”. Case closed

    • Or just BC he’s a ”real jerk”

    • I rented from Sandy Maraven and it was a positive experience for me. He was very clear about the rules and rent due dates. He and his wife always respected my space, and me. His wife brought me wonderful food and I always felt safe and comfortable. I did mow the lawn, as expected, and I even contributed with yard work as an extra thank you for…[Read more]

  • Patricia posted an update in the group Group logo of Problems with TenantsProblems with Tenants 2 years, 3 months ago

    Just heads up: Atlanta area, Do not rent to Darwin Raul Santana or Darwin Santana or Raul Santana …holes in the wall and carpet, dog shit all over (the house was freshly renovated when he moved in )……..and late on rent

  • The Tenants Shayne Sanderson and Stefani Sanderson are dead beat renters and a con man team full of lies. They owe two months rent, left the property promising to take their junk but that did not happen. They left the back yard a total mess and left a water bill of over $200.00. Shayne promised many times that he would pay his rent on time but had…[Read more]

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