• @sandymaraven Hate to stoop to your level and even reply to all this BS but when I stumbled on this posting I couldn’t help to feel for this person who probably doesn’t even know you wrote of him [yet] knowing WHO YOU ARE. Shame on you. You’re a deceitful liar. Any tenants that rented from SANDY MARAVEN should shar your stories of what really…[Read more]

  • @sandymaraven Sandy constantly would sneakily raise the rent too! We first were told $1,000 util inc. then as months passed $1,100 then $1,200 then $1,300 for? No good reason. Read a hand book dude that’s not right

  • @sandymaraven Also, funny he should talk about mowing the lawn. The landscaping of the whole property isn’t pristine.
    As you drive up the driveway you’re greeted with over flowing weeds and tall grass. Then a miniature dump sight where his boats and odds and ends of furniture and trash sit in piles where it seems his other tenants who don’t…[Read more]

  • @sandymaraven My wife and I work very early morning jobs which puts us out the house before or by 5am. Sandy decided to burn rubber in his garage while his wife and himself yelled at each other until they took off.
    And unfortunately for us, we were attached to the house that they reside in and right below so you could always hear them fight.

  • @sandymaraven *Beware of 4655 Kanaele Rd, Kapaa HI*
    Do not rent from Sandy or Debra until they refresh their knowledge in Landlord-Tenant Laws.
    I cannot speak for this person who you have shamelessly written of [sad], I can speak from my experience. But knowing you these accusations are probably all false like your false sense of quality.
    Sandy is…[Read more]